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Canon Elan II IIE 7 7E Back Door Latch Instructions

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TOOLS YOU NEED – small Phillips head screwdriver, tweezers


  1. Remove 2 screws that hold the latch cover plate and remove the plate. (1)
  2. Remove one screw from the bottom of the camera. (2) This one is slightly longer than the other two, so keep it separate.
  3. Pry the camera body apart slightly until you expose the spring (3)
  4. Lift up the latch plate and if it doesn’t come loose by itself, unhook the spring from the back of the plate.
  5. Grab the end of the spring with your tweezers – NOTE: The loop on the end of the spring has to be put over a pin, so grab the spring by the end coils, not the loop. (4)  You don’t need to stretch the spring, the idea is just to hold end of the spring out away from its slot so you can hook the latch on to it.
  6. Hook the pin on the latch to the loop on the spring. (5) Don’t stretch the spring, just hold it and bring the latch to it. IMPORTANT- handle the latch by the plastic parts of it. The metal part is an electrical switch which has to make contact with a circuit board just inside the camera, and is shaped for just that, so you don’t want to bend it by grabbing it. (It is the part that tells the camera the door is open) The latch goes on the camera with the arrow facing out and pointing down. Hook the spring on the pin that is just at the top of the metal “fork” (electrical contact)
  7. Now put the new latch in place. Slide the metal contacts under the camera front. (6) Make sure the metal fork is straight and making proper contact with the circuit board. Place the slots on the latch plate over the two pins and set the whole thing down in place.
  8. Squeeze the camera front back together, and replace the latch cover plate.

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