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Sony DSC-W1 Replacement Battery Holder Instructions



I would advise anti-static precautions when working with the camera.


Step 1 - Remove the front and back covers of the camera - 6 screws in total. The microphone can be separated from the front cover by gently pulling it from its socket.


Step 2 - The control switch block (top piece of camera) can then be removed from the main assembly by unclipping it from both ends, and carefully disconnecting its cable from the mainboard.


Step 3 - Disconnect the flash unit's cable from the mainboard by first flicking the black part of the clip up towards you and then gently prying it from the slot. The flash block can then be removed by jiggling it about to dislodge the two clips holding it in place.


Step 4 - Remove the bottom tripod mount piece from the camera by unscrewing the "strap" (DC ground plate) holding it in place, and unclipping it from underneath the memory stick door.


Step 5 - Disconnect the two lens block cables from the mainboard and then lift the lens assembly from the chassis.


Step 6 - Disconnect the cable leading to the control switch board (located at the back of the camera) and also the power cable to the battery compartment from the mainboard. Remove the two screws attaching the mainboard to the battery compartment.


Step 7 - Turn the camera over so the back is now facing you. Open the battery compartment and remove the screw attaching it to the main assembly.


Step 8 - Remove the two screws attaching the control switch board to the main chassis, and the screw attaching the USB connector board to the battery compartment. You should now be able to remove this section and have access to the remaining two screws attaching the battery compartment to the main chassis.


Step 9 - Remove these two screws and undo the two clips holding the LCD panel in place. The battery compartment should now be able to be removed with a bit of jiggling around. The LCD will now be unclipped so I disconnected it also.  Now install the new battery chamber and follow the directions in reverse.

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